Design Farm Class, Spring 2001 - Screenshot of Homepage of the Website

University of Kansas, Design Farm Class, Spring 2001

The Design Farm class was held off campus in a old farm house as a special project for the "Center for Design Excellence". The mission of the class was to design spaces or products in the pursuit of happiness. I worked on a group project with two other students as well as individually designed a website promoting our efforts as a class.

While designing the website I worked through an iterative process to create a user-centered design solution. My process included:

Defining the User: 1. Anyone interested in the Design Farm, its students, projects, etc.. 2. Expert User - someone who is familiar with KU's design school and this course. 3. New User - someone who is not familiar with KU's design school and the Design Farm.

Defining Goals and Objectives: Showcasing the efforts of the Design Farm group in the Spring 2001 class including 1. Our Group Manifesto - In the Pursuit of Happiness 2. Individual projects 3. Group projects 4. Our process and progress throughout the semester 5. Individual and group manifestos 6. Individual design philosophies 7. Link to individual websites 8. Link to contact individual designers through e-mail (In order to help individuals get recognition for their work)

Writing of specific tasks / scenarios

Designing Prototypes


The site was designed using a combination of Dreamweaver and HTML coding and it employs Cascading Style Sheets. A basic template was designed to organize information on the site. I also created a consistent navigational system. The site successfully showcased our efforts to many interested parties including fellow KU classmates, KU faculty, friends, family and potential employers.