Design Farm Class, Spring 2001 - Dream Room

University of Kansas, Design Farm Class - Spring 2001

The Design Farm class was held off campus in a old farm house as a special project for the "Center for Design Excellence." The mission of the class was to design spaces or products in the pursuit of happiness. This space was titled the "Dream Room" and was designed in collaboration with Matt Johnson and Elizabeth Graham. We designed and built all of the items in the room including the table, pillows and ceiling treatments.

Our concept statement:

"The Dream Room represents more than an environment, it is a path to a different state of mind. By combining natural elements, references, and effects, the space is transformed into a place of seclusion from the stressful and chaotic rhythms of life.

The main element of the space is the use of clouds which are used throughout and help to establish a sense of openness, freedom, and infinity. This can be seen in the ceiling, the walls, and through the pillows which are placed around room. The table, which is placed in the center of the room, is a reflection of the space and minimal form. This is seen in the rounded corners and multiple layers which represent the clouds and in the glass panels that represent the four natural seasons. It is our hope that in this place one can slip away into a soft, quiet, and tranquil state and find true happiness and escape."