Holding Vessel for Precious Items - (full scale shot and closeup with the top)

Furniture and Lighting Design - Fall 2001

The problem was to design and build furniture for "living, storing, holding and having". I wrote an initial concept statement then worked through a process which included: writing, sketching, researching, building models, making full-scale prototypes and constructing the actual piece.

My concept statement:

"The creation of a storage place, an encasement, a home for precious items. This chamber is a unique storage place that is adaptable to the owner. It is designed to hold something that is precious, delicate and valuable.

Personalizing the chamber to hold my personal items of value, I designed a vessel to hold an envelope of photos. My most prized and precious possessions are my memories. The memories of times that I have shared throughout my life with family and friends mean more to me than almost anything. These memories are etched in my mind, but are brought to life through my photo albums, scrapbooks and journals. Because I want to share my most recent memories which may include a recent trip, event or project with friends, family and visitors to my home, designing a place to store these memories is very important to me.

This vessel is constructed of a hard, strong and sturdy wooden outer casing. The inside is made of soft, warm, delicate materials including a feather lining and a white satin pillow in which a hand made paper envelope sits holding the photographs. The vessel is covered by a removable top. The outer casing and removable top emphasize the importance of guarding my precious items, my memories, in a secure vessel, the inner chamber is made of soft and supple materials and emphasizes the precious and delicate nature of my memories."