Van Go Mobile Arts Inc.- 2002 - Identity System, Thesis Project

Van Go Mobile Arts Inc., Lawrence, Kansas

The purpose of this project, my graduate thesis, was to design an "Interactive Identity System" for Van Go Mobile Arts Inc., using a Human-Centered Design process. For the purposes of this project an Interactive Identity System was defined to include: logo/trademark, coordinating graphics, promotional pieces, exterior signage and a website. My thesis also included a one-hundred and sixty page paper and a gallery exhibition.

My thesis not only attempted to solve the problem of building an Identity System for Van Go, but it also attempted to define a successful process for designing an Interactive Identity System using a Human-Centered approach.

Van Go Mobile Arts Inc. is an arts-based social service agency that provides after-school and summer programs to under-served youth, ages 8-18, in Lawrence, Kansas. Using art as the vehicle, Van Go is devoted to delivering constructive activities to children at risk for drug and alcohol use, teen pregnancy, truancy and delinquency.

The client for this project, Van Go Mobile Arts Inc., is a small, local, nonprofit, social service agency which, through the Internet, is now telling its story and getting its name and identity out not only to the local community but also to the entire world.